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Local and Long Distance

We’re authorized agents for most all companies that provide local phone service. We help our clients with ordering basic lines, or T1’s depending on their needs, for new locations or expansion for existing ones and all at the best pricing available in their market. We also offer a FREE bill analysis so you can be assured that you’re getting the best value for your investment!

We offer switched or dedicated solutions for long distance. Depending on your usage we can get your long distance rates as low as $.013/minute. This is something that needs to be reviewed at least annually to make sure you’re not paying too much for long distance service!


When networking a small office (LAN) or networking multiple offices (WAN) let us help you out with this as well! Again we want to be your ONE stop for all your telecom needs!







High Speed Internet

We can get our clients internet connectivity through basic High Speed Internet, also known as DSL or Broadband, or through dedicated Internet T1 service for those companies that have the need for even higher bandwidth requirements!  Again, with agent relationships with most all providers of internet connectivity, SPG can ensure that you’re receiving the best technology for the best rates!

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